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The seven carefully selected barks in this tonic stimulate increased blood flow to the pelvic area thereby contributing to improved sexual performance in both men and women.


Pandama has recently introduced a line of naturally fermented red and white wine gourmet vinegars. These amazing products are great marinades and tenderisers for all types of meat fish and tofu.

Tonic/Herbal Wines

Natural Vinegars


The Pandama Winery creates exotic fruit wines of extraordinary elegance and sophistication. Our wines celebrate the tropical flavors of Guyana.


Pandama Wines are all natural and the use of sulfites in the wine making process is limited to the primary fermentation stage. Additional sulfites are not added at bottling time as is customary in practically all major wineries. The advantage to the consumer is a healthier alcoholic beverage that does not exhibit the unpleasant after effects associated with some traditional commercial wines.