Tracy And Tielle

The Douglas Family


Warren & Tracy

                           The Genesis:

I remember sitting in our back yard in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife Tracy when a very interesting conversation ensued. Tracy intimated that she wanted to start making soap again-Tracy had manufactured her own soap for several years. I remember indicating to her that I always wanted to make my own wine, and I was going to start researching the process. I read everything that I could get my hands on about wine making and decided to invest in the equipment.
My first batch of wine was made from North Carolina peaches, and it was a hit with friends and family all across the United States. I continued to make wine and we gave bottles as gifts at parties and gatherings.

When Tracy and I decided to move to Guyana to live I knew that wine making would be a major part of the Pandama Retreat experience. With the proliferation of exotic fruits in Guyana, it didn't take much time for Pandama Wines to come into being. We currently offer several fruit wines which include Pineapple,  Jamoon, Aunty Desmond, Noni,Cherry, Malacca Pear, Duka, Carambola and Sorrel. We will continue to develop new flavours periodically
Pandama Wines also offers Pulse, a libido enhancement tonic wine which is made from barks native to Guyana and the Amazon Basin.It is a real treat and has gotten rave reviews from ladies and gentlemen alike.

Where do we go from here?
We have had a great response to our wines in Guyana, and our intention is to make it available in as many places as possible. There is a real need for quality local wines in Guyana, both for Guyanese here and in the diaspora. Pandama Wines has made it to many tables in the United States and the UK during the holiday season, and we intend to keep things moving. Our focus is not mass production, but rather providing a quality product that is satisfying to all of our customers.
We are now poised to introduce Pandama Wines to the rest of the world. We are pursuing the necessary export certifications to allow the company to reach as many wine lovers as we can. Look out!