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Herbal Cleanser

Pandama Herbal Cleanser This fermented bitters is designed to gently purge the digestive system, cleanse the blood and flush the kidneys… It is infused with sand bitters, uraballi, ginger and cascara bark, so it also serves as a gentle laxative. Taken with a meal this herbal formula is very effective in maintaining good digestive health. Price is $!000 GYD or $5 USD

Rise To The Occasion
Libido enhancement tonic wine


Noni - Noni is regarded worldwide as the ancient healing fruit for generations. We have harnessed the essential properties of this pungent exotic fruit to create a flavorful white wine which is gentle on the palate.

Price is $3000 GYD or $15 USD


Pulse Tonic Wine is a libido enhancement tonic wine that is formulated from the fermentation of indigenous barks from the rainforests of Guyana. The seven carefully selected barks in this tonic stimulate increased blood flow to the pelvic area thereby contributing to improved sexual performance in both men and women. Because Pulse is all natural, the side effects associated with Viagra and related pharmaceutical products are practically eliminated. Price is $1000 GYD or $5 USD { 750 ml is $3000 GYD or $15 USD}