Saki or Sake, of Japanese origin, Sake is a strong alcoholic beverage manufactured from the specialized fermentation of rice. It is generally served warm but is commonly enjoyed slightly chilled as well. Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD


Sorrel wine is a favorite in Guyana at Christmas time. This rich red wine is extremely aromatic and has a crisp clean feel on the palate. Chinese herb doctors prescribed it to be taken internally for reducing fevers, and externally for treating ringworm and other skin conditions. It is also a diuretic. A glass of sorrel wine is simply refreshing and very calming.

Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD

Aunty Desma

Aunty Desmond {antidesma}. This tiny rich purple wildberry was originally discovered in Southeast Asia and Australia. Its scientific name is "antidesma bunius" and is also known by the name "Bignay" in other parts of the world. It is extremely high in antioxidants and has been proven to play a pivotal role in the prevention of prostate cancer and stabilizing blood sugar in some diabetics. This well rounded wine is deep red in color and full bodied with earthy tones. This very unique  wine pairs well with all meats.

Price is $3000.00 GYD or $15 USD


Jamoon A fruit native to India and South East Asia but is also available in certain countries of the Caribbean and South America. Jamoon (Jamun) is an old favorite of Guyanese everywhere. This red wine is high in antioxidants and cleans the blood. It pairs wonderfully with everything from burgers to pasta ,and considerably enhances the flavors in wild meat.Price is $3000. GYD or $15 USD


Pandama Rose is created from the specialized blending of a bold red fruit wine and medium white. This produces a soft smooth classic pale red wine that will tantalize the palate. Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD


This sweet tropical fruit possesses health benefits so strong that it can help the body fight off chronic disease including cancer, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, and support digestive system health at the same time. Pineapples are also a natural cough remedy and assist in strengthening the bones of the human body... Pineapple wine pairs well with most foods.
Price is $2500. GYD or $ 13 USD

All wines are available in either semi-sweet or dry format.



Mead(Honey Wine) This is the oldest form of alcohol known to man. Mankind’s first experiences with intoxication could have easily sprung from the spontaneous fermentation of honey in some old tree trunk containing a bee hive, diluted by rainwater, with fermentation initiated by the wild yeasts present in the air.Price is $4000. GYD or $20 USD


Mango this unique refreshing wine is straw to pale gold with a fresh, fruity lingering finish. Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD


Team Pandama has engineered a wine that is created from the skillful fermentation of hot peppers. This wine works very well medicinally and if taken at the onset of a cold or flu helps to eliminate the adverse effects. Pepper wine works as a wonderful chaser with Vodka cocktails and enhances circulatory system health. Pepper wine also works well on its own as a wine that can be slowly sipped with snack foods. It is also used as a cooking wine. Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD


Carambola Also called “starfruit” or “five finger”, this fruit creates an aromatic and very tasty off white classic wine that pairs wonderfully with fish and white meats. Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD

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Also know as eggplant or abergine. The

eggplant is low in fat, protein, and carbohydrates. A 1998 study at the Institute of Biology of São Paulo State University, Brazil, found eggplant juice to significantly reduce weight, plasma cholesterol levels, and aortic cholesterol content. This rich white wine pairs well with chicken and other white meats. Price is $2500 GYD or $13 USD


The Soursop fruit plays a significant role in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. We have harnessed the wonderful properties of this fruit through fermentation and created an incomparable, flavorful white wine masterpiece to be enjoyed with desserts and salads alike. Price is $5000 GYD or $25 USD